Case Report

Silicone Granuloma Associated with Pectoral Muscle Involvement after Ruptured Breast Implant: a Novel case report


  • Türkan İkizceli
  • Gökçe Gülşen
  • İlker Akın

Received Date: 04.03.2017 Accepted Date: 07.11.2017 Eur J Breast Health 2018;14(1):54-57

In this study, an unusual case of a patient who was previously operated on a ruptured breast implant following silicone granuloma associated with pectoral muscle involvement is reported. A 72-year-old woman had undergone breast augmentation surgery when she was 52-year-old and silicone implant rupture 10 years later. After 10 years of ruptured silicone implant, her mammography showed diffuse, multiple high-density nodules in the left breast. The pectoral muscle was significantly hypertrophic. The magnetic resonance imaging showed that the pectoral muscle was quite hypertrophic and had heterogeneous enhancement. In clinical consideration and the presence of the suspected malignancy, a biopsy was performed. The histological analysis identified pectoral muscle and breast tissue, which had been mainly replaced by giant cells, along with an apparent foreign body response. Silicone granuloma can present itself as a soft tissue mass. Malignancy is the most important differential diagnosis. Meticulous follow-up is recommended for these patients.

Keywords: Breast implant, pectoral muscle, silicone granuloma