Original Article

Retrospective Analysis of Women with Only Mastalgia


  • Mehmet Arslan
  • Halime Seda Küçükerdem
  • Hüseyin Can
  • Ercüment Tarcan

Received Date: 17.01.2016 Accepted Date: 07.03.2016 Eur J Breast Health 2016;12(4):151-154


Mastalgia is the most common symptom in women, who has gone under breast imaging. 70% of women face with mastalgia at least once in their lifetime. In our study, we aimed to investigate the examinations and the results of the females referred to our outpatient clinics with mastalgia and to determine the frequency of malignancy.

Materials and Methods:

Files of all women patients referred to General Surgery Outpatient Clinics between 01.06.2014-31.05.2015 has been investigated retrospectively. Cases only with breast pain complaint (n=789) out of 2798 women has been included in the study. Women with lump in breast, nipple discharge, redness, breast retraction and pregnant and lactating women were excluded. Breast examination findings, ultrasonography (USG), mammography results, whether biopsies are done or not and diagnoses have been investigated retrospectively.


Mean age was 42.97±12.36 (16-74) years. 59.7% (n=471) of the women had bilateral mastalgia and 91.1% (n=719) of the breast examinations were found to be normal. USG was required from 664 (84.2%) women and mammography was required from 448 (56.8%) women. Considering diagnoses; fibrocystic changes in 32.3% (n=201), ductal ectasia in 8.8% (n=55), fibroadenomas in 6.1% (n=38), reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in 1.1% (n=7) was observed. Only 1 (0.2%) woman was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma.


According to researches, 0.5% of the women with mastalgia were diagnosed with breast cancer. In our study this rate was found as 0.2%. Women with only mastalgia without any abnormality in physical examination should be informed about dealing with pain.

Keywords: Cancer, frequency, mastodynia