• Tonguc İşken
  • Zafer Utkan
  • Mustafa Dülger
  • Jale Erdoğan
  • Turgay Şimşek

Received Date: 13.01.2009 Accepted Date: 19.02.2009 Eur J Breast Health 2009;5(4):177-181

Phyllodes tumor is the rare tumor of the breast and it has an unpredictable biological behavior. There are very few reports on the use of breast reconstruction after mastectomy for phyllodes tumors. We present 2 patients with phyllodes tumors who were treated with mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction. Additionally related literature were reviewed.

Three mastectomy was performed in 2 patients. Simple mastectomy and breast reconstruction with silicon expander were performed for first patient. Two skin sparing mastectromy and immediate reconstruction with silicon breast implant were performed for second the patient.

The mean follow-up was 43 months. Any recurrence or metastasis have not been observed in this period. The cosmetic results were acceptable the patients. Skin sparing mastectomy was associated with better cosmetic results. After we offered to them breast reconstruction that they accepted to undergo mastectomy. For this reason, postmastectomy breast reconstruction must be offered for suitable patients. Long-term studies of immediate reconstruction have not shown any adverse effects on survival of these patients.

Keywords: phyllodes tumors, cystosarcoma, immediate breast reconstruction