Case Report


  • Aydın Gözü
  • Fatma Nilay Yoğun
  • Zafer Özsoy
  • Azimet Özdemir
  • Gamze Özgürhan
  • Sıtkı Tuzlalı

Received Date: 17.08.2009 Accepted Date: 07.12.2009 Eur J Breast Health 2010;6(3):122-124

Juvenile breast hypertrophy or juvenile gigantomastia is a rare disease characterized with rapid and excessive growth of the breast during adolescence. Although the deformity is benign, it affects patients physically and psychologically. Surgical approach is the primary treatment option, but timing for the operation is highly debated. A twelve year-old girl who is assessed by our institution because of over-growth of breast was followed for three months with a diagnosis of juvenile breast hypertrophy. No growth was observed, therefore reduction mammoplasty was performed. There were no problems during recovery and during two years of follow-up, no recurrence occurred. The treatment plan for giant breast deformity in adolescents should be determined according to the clinical condition of the patient. The end of adolescence may be the best for surgical treatment, however, benefits of early intervention following an appropriate follow-up should be considered as well.

Keywords: Juvenile gigantomastia, hypertrophy, breast