Case Report

Breast Hemangioma Evaluation with MRI: A rare case report


  • Özge Aslan
  • Ayşenur Oktay
  • Gürdeniz Serin
  • Levent Yeniay
  • Orkhan Aghamirzayev

Received Date: 20.11.2020 Accepted Date: 30.01.2021 Eur J Breast Health 0;0(0):0-0 [e-Pub]

Vascular tumors are rare in the breasts, and the most common forms include hemangiomas and angiosarcomas (1). Hemangiomas are rare benign vascular tumors. Most of them are asymptomatic and nonpalpable clinically, and the vast majority of such lesions are detected incidentally by mammography. Breast hemangiomas are difficult to diagnose using conventional imaging modalities since their imaging findings are variable.

The following is a case presentation of an asymptomatic forty-five year old female patient who was diagnosed with a rare hemangioma. Physical examination, ultrasonography (US) and mammographic examination were normal. Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI showed a non-mass pathologic enhancement. After a short-term follow up, control MRI was taken and biopsy was planned due to the heterogeneous non-mass enhancement on MRI. We performed core needle biopsy with US guidance, resulting in benign findings. Because of radiology pathology discordance, we did a MR-guided wire localization followed by open surgical biopsy. Histopathologic evaluation revealed capillary hemangioma.

The imaging findings (US, Mammography and MR) of hemangioma are reviewed and described in this case report.

Keywords: Breast, hemangioma, angiosarcoma, MRI