Original Article

Breast Cancer Detection in Qatar: Evaluation of Mammography Image Quality Using A Standardized Assessment Tool


  • Anand K. Narayan
  • Huda Al-Naemi
  • Antar Aly
  • Mohammad Hassan Kharita
  • Ruhani Doda Khera
  • Mohamad Hajaj
  • Madan M. Rehani

Received Date: 01.08.2019 Accepted Date: 01.01.2020 Eur J Breast Health 2020;16(2):124-128


Compared with other countries in the Middle East, Qatar has one of the highest breast cancer incidence and mortality rates. Poor quality mammography images may be associated with advanced stage breast cancer, however there is limited information about the quality of breast imaging in Qatar. Our purpose was to evaluate the clinical image quality of mammography examinations performed at a tertiary care center in Doha, Qatar using a standardized assessment tool.

Materials and Methods:

Bilateral mammograms from consecutive patients from a tertiary care cancer center in Doha, Qatar were obtained. Proportions of examinations deemed adequate for interpretation were estimated. Standardized clinical image quality assessment form was utilized to evaluate image quality components. For each image, image quality components were given grades on a 1-5 scale (5- excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- fair, 1- poor). Mean scores with 95% confidence intervals were estimated for each component.


Consecutive sample of 132 patients was obtained representing 528 mammographic images. Overall, 99.2% of patients underwent examinations rated as acceptable for interpretation. Mean scores for each image quality component ranged from 4.045 to 5.000 (lowest score for inframammary fold). Image quality component scores were 93.0% excellent, 5.2% good, 1.1% average, 0.6% fair, and 0.1% poor.


Overall image quality at a tertiary care center in Doha, Qatar was acceptable for interpretation with minimal areas identified for improvement.

Keywords: Breast cancer, diagnostic imaging, Qatar, mammography, Middle East