Case Report

Possible Synchronous Lung Metastasis of Breast Mass Detected Using Breast Ultrasonography: A Report of Two Cases


  • Tümay Bekci

Received Date: 16.12.2013 Accepted Date: 07.04.2014 Eur J Breast Health 2015;11(1):42-44

Ultrasonography (US), which is used for the diagnosis of breast cancer and the evaluation of its local metastasis, has proven its worth as a diagnostic method. In breast ultrasonographic examination peripherally localized metastatic lesions at the posterior of the screened breast tissue can also be detected. In this case report, two female patients whose breast ultrasonography showed lumps. Their peripheral lung metastases were screened ultrasonographically, and the patients were diagnosed in a timely manner. Ultrasonographic examination at a patient’s first appointment – and especially during routine check-ups after the primary treatment – can allow an early diagnosis of peripherally localized lung metastasis at the posterior of the screened breast tissue and make a vital contribution to the patient’s prognosis.

Keywords: Breast cancer, lung metastasis, breast ultrasound